skyline ailee sale voip device and need below ncli route

Skyline ailee offer

*GOIP 1/4/8/16/32 gateway, SK 8-8/32,16-16/64/128/256,32-32/128/256/512 port gsm goip gateway, SMS modem ,SIM bank, Voice recorder box, IP phone /IP PBX /FXO FXS gateway and industrial router *


We also need below ncli route


*Philip 63  *

*Chad(2356/2359), *

*Nepal 977 *

*Algeria(213all), *

*Sudan(249all), *

*Jordan(962all), *


*Ghana(233all), *

*Tunisia(216all), *




*Pakistan 92 *
*India 91*

*Egypt 201*

*Indonesia 62*

And so on

Huge traffic here



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