offering live traffic for these destination ncli routes

Dear friend,

This is Mark from China Skyline Telecom Co., Ltd, a big carrier for voice and sms service.

Now we are looking for the below routes with good traffic and flexible payments.

India 91 all
Egypt 201 all
Nepal 977 all
Malaysia 60 all
Indonesia 62 all
Ethiopia251 all
Pakistan 923 all
Philippines 63 all
Bangladesh 880 all
Afghanistan 937 all

If you have these voice or sms routes, contact me now.

BTW: We also offer GOIP 4/8/16/32 & SK 32-512 gateway and 2/3/4G SMS Modem.

Skype: chinaskylinemark
WhatsApp/viber/imo/wechat: 0086 13975940928

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