South Africa,Albania,Morocco,Senegal,Tunisia,Yemen direct routes need ,Skype@ live:martin_23276

Dear Partner!

This is Martin Kin from Bytominer LTD based in London,UK
Operates wholesale and retail (voice/ VoIP) termination & origination as a legal entity
Working as a partner-supplier-client, Bytominer LTD connected with medium and large companies on an average with 100+

PAYMENT TERMS: We are also flexible in payment terms and conditions, We Support Western Union, PayPal and Bank Wire its depend on Vendors/Suppliers Required.

We are pushing whole sale live traffic into:-
1. Morocco 2.Cameroon 3.Burkina Faso 4.Algeria 5.Benin 6. Nigeria. 7. Zimbabwe 8. Kenya 9. Sudan 10. Senegal 11.Tanzania 12.Togo 13.Jamaica 14.Tunisia 15.DR Congo 16.Mozambique 17.Madagascar 18.Sierra Leone 19.Egypt 20.South Africa 21.Libya 22.Ivory Coast 23.Gabon 24.Congo 25.Guinea 26.Eritrea 27.Somalia 28.Ethiopia 29.Angola 30. Ghana 31.Uganda 32.Chad 33. Mali 34.Niger 35.Mauritania 36. Gambia 37. Djibouti…

we are pushing retail traffic into:-
Iran all
Egypt All
Kenya Safaricom
Yemen Mobile All
Senegal All

We are looking for quality, stable and direct non cli routes. We have huge live traffic available for most of the hot destination of the world.

Required 100% FAS free, Direct & good quality route only

Martin Kin
Skype @ live:martin_23276
Company Address : 16-18, 2nd Floor,Whitecapel road,London,England-E1 1EW

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