Bytominer Ltd Needs Pure Retail Traffic For Afghanistan

Hello Everyone!

Greetings from BYTOMINER LTD

I am Danial from BYTOMINER LTD and we are based in UK. We supported Western Union,PayPal and Bank wire for quick payment…..please don’t hesitate to contact with me directly.
Skype @ live:danial_292 and send your offer rate by Mail@

we are pushing instant live traffic for mentioned below cli,ncli,TDM,GSM routes/destinations:-
1)Afghan All (ncli,TDM)
2)BD All(ncli,cli)
3)Ethiopia all (Cli ncli)
4)Senegal Mobile orange retail (GSM)
5)Turkey all (Cli,Ncli)
6)Pakistan All (cli,ncli)

Thanks and Regards
Danial Craig
Carrier Relation Manager
Bytominer LTD
Skype @ live:danial_292
Company Address : 16-18, 2nd Floor,Whitechapel road,London,England-E1 1EW

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