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❤There are also companies on the market that provide their own equipment in addition to traffic. Cooperating with such companies you get an additional advantage:

1.Communicate with only one company without spraying.

2.Get everything together: hardware, software, technical support and traffic.
One of such companies is the company Skyline , the leader in the world market. 

The company offers long-term partnership relations.

Do not wait, become a part of this business today.

Payment terms:

❶Technical support : free and life time

❷Payment Term : twice a week , flexable payment
❸Payment Mothods: Wester Union – PayPal – MoneyGram – Skrill – Local Bankwire – RMB account.

Payment terms: We pay twice a week , flexable payment.

We provide retail call traffic all the time,Long term need those Non cli route:

If you have other route , just feel free to contact me . 

★Philippines 63 ★Indonesia-62 ★Sri Lanka 94 ★Morocco 212 ★Ethiopia 251
★Bangaldesh 880 ★Palistan  923 ★Nigeria 234 ★Yemen 967  ★India 91
★Nepal-977 ★Sudan 249 ★Tunisia 216 ★Egypt  201 ★Ghana 233

# Sms traffic  #

If you have SK gateway/ejoin gateway ,we can Offer stable sms traffic for Philippines, indonesia ,Malaysia ,vietnam,UAE,Bangladesh,Nigeria  …. One gateway can earn double money !!


 Natalie Lin        

Whatsapp/wechat :+8613715985640
Skype : live:6bac679d890c89a2  
We are a professional voip company. 


Top selling gateway at factory bottom price:

SK16-16, SK16-64, SK16-128, SK16-256
SK16-512, SK32-32, SK32-128, SK32-256
SK32-512, GOIP16, GOIP32, SK64-64,SK64-128/256/512 (64 ports for sms)

1. Support IMEI change automatic and support USSD
2. Support automatically detect the ACD ASR
3. Support automatically detect the SIM card issue
4. Save your internet bandwidth ,15kb/s for 1 call
5. Including the SIMBANK feature of avoiding the SIM card blocked
6.Remote Management System
7.Warranty: 12 months, provide free long-term tech support.


We have stock availble , after make payment will arrange delivery right now.
We will handle clear custom ,so no need to worry about that .
7 days you will receive the goods.

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