LIVE Traffic/ LIVE traffic>>to NCLI routes>> DAILY PAY. 22nd -Oct-19

Dear VOIP Partners,

Greeting from ULTRA Network and Communications LLC

Urgently looking for Direct Vendor / Gateway Owner / Ncli route holders for below listed destinations. Huge / live traffic in DAILY payment.


Algeria Mobile – 15k

Argentina – 30k

CUBA Mobiles– 20k

Democratic Republic of Congo Mobiles– 30k

Ecuador Fixed & Mobiles – 25k

GHANA – 10k

Guatemala Mobiles– 50k

Honduras – 10k

Italy Mobile – 10k

LIBYA Mobile – 10k

Macedonia Mobiles– 15k

Mali Mobiles – 8k

Nepal Mobile – 5k

Nigeria – 40k

PANAMA Mobiles- 30k

SAUDI Mobile – 10k

Senegal – 15k

Tunisia Mobiles – 10k

TURKEY Mobiles – 10k

UAE Fixed – 10k

UGANDA Mtn – 5k

Ukraine – 20k

Venezuela – 20k



Please send offers your Ncli routes via email / Ping into Skype.

Thanking you


Marchin Beny

Skype: live:marchinuncommunication

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