SEEKING Vietnam /Bangladesh /Iran Ivory /Coast Nigeria/ Thailand/ Tunisia/ Zambia NCLI ROUTES





Ray Corporation Ltd is registered under the company’s act 1985 in England. The company has been operating since  2009  and  is formed to develop the communication industries and in IT Sectors with its own unique technical skills and customer service quality. Ray Corporation Ltd deals with A-Z wholesale termination and origination. Ray Corporation has list of partners which has VoIP companies from USA, Europe, Asia and Africa. We are looking forward to do long term business with direct vendors.



Please know that currently we are looking forward to buy the listed routes and we  HAVE LIVE TRAFFIC AVAILABLE.



The destinations required are listed below.


1              Thailand

2              Vietnam

3              Nigeria

4              Ivory Coast

5              Tunisia

6              Iran

7              Bangladesh

8              Zambia



Please let us know if you have it.


Thank you,


Career Relationship Officer

Evan Diaz





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