UNcom::looking ROUTE for LIVE traffic/Daily Pay. LIST:28-4-20

Dear VOIP Partners,

Greeting from ULTRA Network and Communications LLC   


Urgently looking for Direct Vendor / Gateway Owner / Ncli route holders for below listed destinations. Huge / live traffic in DAILY payment.


ANGOLA – 10k

Benin – 5k


Bosnia – 10k


CHAD – 10k

Comoros – 8k

CUBA Mobiles– 10k

Democratic Republic– 20k

Democratic Republic of Congo Mobiles– 30k

Ecuador Fixed & Mobiles – 20k

GUATEMALA Mobiles– 40k

Guyana Fix – 10k

Honduras – 10k

Kenya Celtel – 10k (need TDM)

LIBYA – 10k

MALAWI – 10k


Mauritius – 10k

Mozambique – 10k

NIGER – 10k

Nigeria – 30k

Nicaragua – 20k

Senegal – 15k

South Africa – 30k

TUNISIA Mobiles – 10k

Tanzania – 10k

TURKEY Mobiles – 10k

UAE – 10k

Venezuela – 20k

YEMEN – 10k


Please send offers your Ncli routes via email / Ping into Skype.

Thanking you


William Boyd

Sales Manager

Skype: william.boyd808

Email:  sales@uncommunication.com


Whatsapp: +1 (540) 443-6066

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