SNOWFLY is looking for India /PAK /BD/Cuba Ncli routes urgently India 91 Indonesia 628 Nigeria 234 Rwanda 250 Pakistan 923 Nepal 977 Cuba 53 Morocco 212 Bangladesh 880 Afghanistan 93 Sudan 249 Philippines 63 Vietnam 84 Thailand 66 Nigeria 234 Yemen 967 Sudan zain 249 Myanmar 95 Italy 393 South Africa 27 flexible payment and best target Denny–Snowfly Telecom Limited Skype ID:live:snowflydenny Mobile:+8615876476136 Email:

Snowfly is looking for below NCLI routes urgently

we have huge live traffic for these destinations

India–91 ncli

Bangladesh–8801 ncli

Pakistan–9230/9234 ncli

Indonesia–628TK/628EX ncli

Cuba–53 ncli

South Africa–27 ncli

Afghanistan–937 ncli

Nepal–977 ncli

Turkey–90 ncli

Flexible payment and best target

If you have good NCLI routes,please connect me,thank you

—Skype ID:live:.cid.d8c05ea4e1c988e

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