Looking For Direct NCLI route For retail traffic.

Dear Partners,
Greetings From Advance Com International Limited (ADCOM)
Looking For Direct NCLI route For retail traffic. Please contact me urgently if you have quality route.     

Cuba 53

Ethiopia 251

DRC 243
Ghana 233

Rwanda 250

Chad 235

Morocco 212

Niger 227    

Nigeria 234

Philippines 63

Sudan 249

★Tunisia 216

★Yemen 967


Please feel free to contact me through Skype or send me an email anytime.

Also let me know if you have any other direct FAS-free, stable, Non CLI routes with competitive rates so that we can send our traffic through your network. Your business with us will be highly appreciated!

Please Contact:

Emai :Sales@advancetel.net

Emai :Support@advancetel.net

Email: nelson07021985@gmail.com

Website: http://www.advancetel.net

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