LIVE traffic to NCLI routes as per LIST/ DAILY PAY: 26SEP20

Dear VOIP Partners,

Greeting from ULTRA Network and Communications LLC   


Below is our Live / Potential NCLI traffic destinations and estimated volume. Please offer working routes with best rate.


We are very flexible in payment even can pay daily via Paypal.

Destination Estinated Volume
Algeria-cellular Mobilis 36k
Belarus-cellular MTS & proper 11k
Belarus-proper 12k
Benin-cellular 402k
Bolivia-cellular 245k
Botswana-cellular Orange 28k
Bulgaria-cellular Mobiltel 6k
Cameroon-cellular MTN 142k
Dominican Republic-cellular Claro 229k
Dominican Republic-cellular Orange 251k
Dominican Republic-cellular Viva 26k
Dominican Republic-proper 14k
Ecuador-cellular & Fixed CNT 183k
Eritrea-cellular 24k
Ethiopia-cellular 212k
Guatemala-cellular 120k
Guyana-proper 146k
Haiti-cellular 55k
Honduras-cellular 40k
Jamaica-cellular 50k
Laos-proper & cellular 93k
Lebanon-cellular 56k
Malawi-cellular Airtel 171k
Mauritania-cellular 31k
Mozambique-cellular  Movitel 230k
Mozambique-cellular Vodacom 56k
Myanmar-cellular 13k
Nicaragua-cellular 160k
Nigeria-cellular 44k
Panama-cellular 9k
Saudi Arabia-cellular STC 14k
South Africa-cellular 34k
Sri Lanka-SLT cellular 65k
Switzerland-cellular 39k
Tanzania-cellular 34k
Uganda-cellular 22k
Uruguay-cellular 31k
Uzbekistan-cellular Coscom 7k
Venezuela-cellular Digitel 2634k
Venezuela-cellular Telcel 231k
Yemen-cellular 76k
Zambia-cellular 6k


Please send offers your Ncli routes via email / Ping into Skype.

Thanking you


Marchin Beny

Account Manager

Skype: live:marchinuncommunication

Whatsapp: +1 (757) 656 4455


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