100k lve traffic,Sri Lanka,Nepal,Tunisia,Morocco,Afghan,Algeria,Chad,Ethiopia,Haiti ncli route need urgently ! Dear partner,we are buy following call(GSM)Termination(voip munites) routes(non cli and TDM) for good volume traffic ! Sri Lanka 94 Nepal 977 Tunisia 216 Morocco 212 Afghan 937 Algeria 213 Chad 235 Ethiopia 251 Haiti 509 Please feel free to contact me on Skype or send an email anytime if you have any route, so that we can send our traffic through your network. Your business with us will be greatly appreciated! ❶WESTER UNION ❷MoneyGram ❸PayPay ❹Bank Wire Aaron Maize Communication Co.,Limited Skype ID: aaron-maizecomm Whatsapp ID:+18571698930 Wechat ID:337200823 E-mail ID: aaron@maizecomm.com

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